Communication in Marriage: Winning with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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Effective Communication creates a win-win situation at all times. Communication The English term 'Communication' evolved from Latin language. 'Communis and communicare' are two Latin words related to the word communication. Communis is noun word, which means common, communiality or sharing. Similarly, communicare is a verb, which means 'make something common'. Some scholars relate the term communication with an English word community. Community members have something common to each other. communities are {supposed to be} formed with the tie of communication. It is the foundation of community. Hence, where there is no communication, there can't be a community. TO communicate is to share one's intimate thoughts or feelings with (someone), especially on a spiritual level.…

Vital Signs of a Healthy Relationship

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Relationships are in a state of flux, constantly evolving depending on the actions and/or inactions of persons in relationships. Your relationship is not where it was yesterday. It has either grown (and should continue to grow) or it is dying. Some school of thought argue that there are Static Relationships, but for this treatise, we will discount it. Those are the kind of relationships loosely described as "Complicated". Counselors generally advise to avoid or exit relationships that courts complexities for the simple reason that expectations cannot be set in a complicated relationship causing adjustments to become a roller coaster ride leading to frustration. What are you doing in your relationship? Growing your relationship? or…

Welcome to 21st Century Parenting

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A Male Child © IF YOU ARE A PARENT, THIS IS FOR YOU.Dr. Leonard Sax has this to say on parenting. A public speaker, Psychologist and author of widely acclaimed book Collapse of Parenting.Though focused more on American Kids, it applies to bringing up Kids in the Age of Internet and Social Media, the evils of which have spread like an epidemic in the whole world. It is primarily about raising kids who will go on to have strong character and virtue. I have summarized the points below.1) Statistically the biggest indicator of success at 32 years is having self-control when a kid is 12 years old. Success is determined by a lot of…

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