Moving from Good to Great

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Have you ever observed achievers? We tend to label them with lavish names like gurus, tycoons, great minds, geniuses, icons, idols and the list goes on. Like them or not, they are notable figures who have carved out a niche for themselves in their chosen endeavors cutting across all fields from spiritual leadership, political leadership, business innovation, interpersonal relations to literary laureates. We admire them not because they appear larger than life but because a certain part of us wants to associate with them. This is evident when we hear people say “he is from my country,” “we were in the same class in college,” or “I once met her at the mall.” But…


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T A K E   a   L O O K   at   E V E R Y D A Y   L I F E  and you will find that RELATIONSHIPS are everywhere. They are all around us. Welcome to your number one relationship blogsite where everything is about relationships. We continue our discussion on The Value of Relationship. You will agree with me that whatever is not valued suffers abuse due to neglect. No man gives a child ruby to play with, neither does a room filled with treasures remain unguarded unless the possessors of such valuables are ignorant of its worth. Value assumes its worth according to the degree of premium placed on a commodity.…

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