Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to some of the questions asked by clients:


How do I go about Booking a Session?

This is at the pre-engagement stage when a potential client is considering setting up an appointment for a first counseling or therapy session. The client could also be considering setting up a meeting with our counselors. The first step is:

  1. –   Client forwards to us his/her email address stating briefly why (s)he is initiating the contact.
  2. –   Upon receipt of his/her email by the team of counselors, a link to an appointment form or a Pre-Counseling Questionnaire is made available to the client.
  3. –  Client fills form appropriately and submits the form to us via email. This enables our counselors assess the response to the questionnaire in line with  our capability to handle the issue. (We reserve the right to accept to counsel with our clients or to refer the client to other competent professionals).
  4. –  Our counselors revert to the client indicating acceptance to counsel the client and applicable bill for the session. We operate a pay-per-session billing system where clients only pay for sessions attended.
  5. – Other information pertinent to the meeting is communicated to the client and our counselors begins preparationn for the session.

Booking a session is as simple as forwarding an email request to or putting a call through to 07083268000 or 09030011226. Our counselors will respond and try to resolve all inquiries.

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    What Services do you Offer?

    Our services can be broadly divided into three, namely: Relationship counsel services, Marital Counsel services and Relationship Management services. Our counselors have been trained and are constantly retraining to offer only the best-in-class services. Our focus is unwavering at delivering to clients sterling services. It’s why we have earned our place as one of the best in the industry. You can contact our frontdesk on 0708 326 8000 or 0903 001 1226. You could also send us a mail at for further enquiries.

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    Do you also offer Matchmaking Services?

    At the moment, we are not actively involved in matchmaking services. However, we have in our database profiles of individuals open to meeting new people. Our procedure involves conducting extensive checks to ascertain that you are who you say you are. This has ensured that we have only the few who are genuinely ready for dates to be registered with us. 23 24 Relationship Counselors reserve the right to scrutinize individuals interested in registering with us and to also present options of individuals available for possible dates based on your own background and personal preferences. We value privacy and will never make accessible to you the full list of individuals in our database.

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    What Happens if I am not able to Physically Come in for Counseling Sessions?

    We have clients who for several reasons such as long distance, because they live or work in another city. In this case, we offer e-services such as telephone call, conference and video call services to such clients who for some reasons cannot be available for physical meetings. We also combine it with regular email correspondences as well as follow up on such clients via social media chats. We are flexible enough to meet the needs of our clients. What’s more? our services are available to you, all day, everyday. Speak with us today and discover the numerous ways we can be of service to you.

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    Are your Counselors Certified Relationship and Marriage Counselors?

    At 23 24 Relationship & Marriage Counselors, all counselors assigned to counsel clients have passed all regulatory tests, and are duly certified, abiding dutifully by the ethics of the profession, ensuring that our clients are never taken undue advantage of. Our trainee counselors help with administrative duties while they are prepare for their various regulatory examinations.Prior to being awarded their professional certificates, they are not allowed to counsel with clients.

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    Are your Services Free? If Not, How much does a Session Cost?

    Our services are not free. There are associated costs and charges. However, 23 24 relationship & Marriage Counselors does not charge for registration. Our charges are based on each session attended. There are no fixed charges per session. Charges are calculated based on the issues to be attended to by the counselor. For instance, charges for a counseling session differs from charges for a therapy session. Notwithstanding, on our part, we try as much as possible to make the fee payable affordable. Payment is made at least, one day prior to each session. This is to ensure commitment on the part of the intending counselee and fees paid are not refundable. We can only re-schedule you for another session at a convenient date and time.

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    How Does the Counseling Sessions Work?

    At 23 24 Relationship & Marriage Counselors, our hallmark is simplicity. We do not complicate our processes unnecessarily. We do not hold walk-In Sessions. Each session has to be be booked and scheduled. As soon as you have been booked for a session. You can rest assured that your counselor has gone to do further research based on the issues you identified as a challenge in the Pre-Counseling Questionnaire you filled. Your counselor has prepared for the meeting and will be at the venue to welcome you. Each meeting commences with the counselor’s introduction where he sets the pace and the tone of the meeting. You are allowed to speak. The counselor takes notes as you speak, he asks further questions to clarify issues, he might give you tasks to complete, role play, take-home assignments and he offers counsel based on all the information he has about the situation. it is very important that the client hides no relevant information because the counselor will not judge neither will he take sides. The session comes to an end with a feedback from the client to determine how easy it was to talk to the client and to ascertain that the meeting objectives were met. Each session may last anywhere between one to three, four hours or more depending on the intensity of the prevalent issues to be addressed.

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    Does 23 24 Counselors offer Home Counseling? 

    Our counselors do not offer home counseling. All counseling sessions hold at the location which will be duly communicated to the client via email. 

    For further enquiries, please get in touch with us on the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.