Vital Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are in a state of flux, constantly evolving depending on the actions and/or inactions of persons in relationships. Your relationship is not where it was yesterday. It has either grown (and should continue to grow) or it is dying.

Some school of thought argue that there are Static Relationships, but for this treatise, we will discount it. Those are the kind of relationships loosely described as “Complicated”. Counselors generally advise to avoid or exit relationships that courts complexities for the simple reason that expectations cannot be set in a complicated relationship causing adjustments to become a roller coaster ride leading to frustration.

What are you doing in your relationship? Growing your relationship? or watching its downfall?

Relationship Vital signs often termed vitals are telltale signs evident to a trained eye, indicating the state of the union, in this case the relationship. Below are vital signs to check to determine the state of your relationship:

Relationships that thrive have a clarity of purpose which is communicated and understood by the persons in relationships. Deviation(s) from the focus of the relationship are immediately checked through communication.

Communication is key in ensuring that intentions are addressed and emotions managed. Persons in healty relationships understand that intelligent conversations which separates issues from personalities must occur. When these communication occur as it should, none feels judged or unheard and alignment is easier to pursue.

Level of Alignment is another tell tale sign of a healthy relationship where everything done is aimed at ensuring relationship objectives are achieved. You cannot be caught professing love yet your actions prove otherwise. Alignment is about walking the talk!

Persons in relationships understand that the man is not the sole driver of the relationship neither is the woman – a home maker – the sole driver of the relationship. Instead they take ownership as co-pilots to soar and take the relationship to great heights. Co-pilots share functions and can switch roles to achieve results. There can be no my-turf, your-turf scenarios in an healthy relationship.

Persons in healthy relationships cannot loose their fondness of and friendship with one another because they know that to keep a friend is to be a friend.

Finally, the level of peace experienced in the relationship is a pointer to how healthy the relationship is. My experience with persons in healthy relationships is that the level of peace enjoyed in the relationship is directly proportional to the happiness in the relationship.

The poser for you today is – Are you happy in your relationship? You might want to start by defining what happiness means to you.

I wish you sunshine!

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