What’s your Performance Improvement Plan?

Facing obstacles with courage

Hi all!
It’s December again!
No way!
Yes way!
How time flies. Remember 11 months ago when new plans were set and hopes were pretty high to achieve worthwile goals? Well, how did that pan out for you?
In the corporate space, this time of the year signals another time for performance reviews so why not incorporate it in your relationship?

As you get giddy with excitement during this holidays, take time to evaluate your relationship. Point out what’s working and highlight what’s not. Figure out what you can do better and thrash all the negatives.

Sincerity is what you need to achieve this. Honestly assess your relationship within a specific timeframe. Could be within the last three, six or twelve months. What were the highlights? What were the low points? Having done this, together with your partner you can agree on what to do with the raw data before you. Nothing hurts like raw data staring you in the face but not to worry, family is about love. It’s about support and commitment to uplifting one another.

The data collated will present varing levels of insights which will show both parties just one thing. That is if they see it. It will show the state of their union. But experience has shown that when most couples have such talks and come up with all the raw data, they don’t see beyond their feelings at that moment thereby impeding their ability to crystallize all that data to show if the relationship is in a good place but going south or with growth potentials, if it is one that has plateaued or perhaps if it is in a bad place but with growth or even toxic potentials. The combinations are almost endless but it is always there to see.

I get it. Performance reviews are not always fun but trust me, they are a life saver explaining to you what’s important and why. Plus if you prod hard enough, you might even get the how. The key here is to focus on what’s important and come up with a strategy to wow! And the wow factor in your relationship comes from being curious about your partner at all times. When you remain curious about your partner, you keep discovering new things which makes you more sensitive to your partner’s love language, ultimately ramping up your emotional intelligence.

Whatever you do this season, come up with a plan – a rolling plan if you will – to ensure that you stay on top your relationship game and show that special one that you care.

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